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Members of the Yanomami tribe greet each other by farting.

  Not everyone takes offense at a fart. The members of the Yanomami tribe in South America, in particular, consider farting a friendly gesture and do it to greet each...

Burrowing owls – the dung collectors.

Burrowing owls collect the dung of other animals, particularly cattle, and spread it around the entrance to their burrows. This helps to mask the scent of young owls from predators,...

Common vampire bats can run and jump.

Common vampire bats are the only bats who move well on the ground. They can run and jump for short distances and they can even climb up the legs...
Aztec Slave

Aztec slaves could have their own slaves.

  In the Aztec empire, slaves were treated well. They could have their own possessions and their own slaves. They could also marry their masters or buy their freedom. Their...

King Charles II collected mummy dust.

  King Charles II had the strange habit of rubbing the dust that fell from mummies on his skin, convinced that it would help him become great.
Traffic Light

The first traffic light was invented before the first car.

The first traffic light was used in 1868 whereas the modern automobile was invented in 1886. It wasn't electric, though, but a gas lamp that was used to keep...

The mother of Marcus Brutus was Julius Caesar’s lover.

  Julius Caesar had thee wives and several lovers, one of which was Servilia, whose son, Marcus Brutus went on to participate in Caesar's murder. There are rumors that Brutus...

A woman in Thailand lived with scorpions for 33 days.

  Kanchana Ketkaew lived in a glass room filled with over 5,000 scorpions for over a month. Not only did she survive but she was only stung 13 times (though...

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