Bush baby

Bush baby…

Galagos or bushbabies near the Kruger Nationalpark. Image credit: Wegmann cc3.0

Bush babies, also known as galagos, are found in Africa, normally inhabiting altitudes below 6500 feet (1981 meters). They find shelter in the hollows of trees. Their large eyes help them to see well at night, and they also have excellent hearing. They are fast animals that can take powerful leaps with the help of their tails. They are small, about the size of a squirrel, but produce a very loud, shrill cry, almost like that of a human baby.

Galago sp
Galago sp. near Wachile, Ethiopia. Image credit: Peter Wilton cc2.0

They mark the tracks to and from their nests with their urine, and they’ll jump on to the same branch every time they travel. They also use their urine to mark the rest of the area of their territory, and are often very aggressive toward intruders.

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