African Wild Dog Facts


African Wild Dog Facts…

English: African wild dog (Lycaon pictus pictus), Tswalu Kalahari Reserve, South Africa. By Charlesjsharp cc4.0

Social Behavior

The African Wild Dogs are very clever and social. They live in large packs and are not aggressive towards each other, either for territory, mates or food. There is a dominating alpha male and female in the pack. If one of these alphas were to die, a new one would replace it without bloodshed, since most dogs within a pack are related in some way or other, mainly the males. In wild dog packs it is the female that migrates from their biological pack and join other packs.


Only the alpha couple reproduces, perhaps to avoid overcrowding the pack. The adult female has 12-14 teats and usually delivers around 2-19 pups at a time. The pups have very low survival rates because of diseases, predators and various other reasons. The whole pack takes on the responsibility of raising and protecting the young. The pups get the first share of the meals.

African Wild Dogs Hunting

African wild dog
Wildhundrudel, Madikwe Game Reserve, Südafrika. Released under the GNU Free Documentation License.

Wild dogs are very efficient hunters owing to their excellent coordination. They pursue their prey at great speeds and for great distances. While one dog attacks the upper lip or nose of the target another seizes the tail. The other dogs of the hunt will aim to disembowel, i.e. remove the internal organs, of the victim. They will tear at the animals flesh until it falls and will even eat it alive. Needless to say they are bloodthirsty and ferocious hunters, and the unlucky victim won’t likely have a chance at escaping.


Lions frequently attempt to kill the adults and pups, but they don’t eat them – lions see the wild dogs as competition for prey. Loss of habitat and trouble from poachers has categorized them as “endangered”.

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