The American Revolution

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The American Revolution

101 Facts… The American Revolution

Over 101 amazing facts about The American Revolution and the Revolutionary War.

This book contains facts, photos and awesome videos that show us more about how America stopped being the thirteen colonies and started being the United States of America.

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Five Quick Facts:

  • Other names for the American Revolution include “The Great Rebellion”, “The War for Independence”, “The Colonial Uprising” and the “Great American Rebellion”.
  • When the war broke out, the thirteen colonies had no regular army or navy.
  • Britain hired around 30,000 soldiers from Germany.
  • Around 5000 soldiers fought for the Americans when the broke out.
  • More than 2283 British ships were captured by privateers during the war.

Taken from ‘101 Facts… The American Revolution‘ by IP Factly

A detailed playlist of the videos is listed below.

The Playlist:

  1. Tea, Taxes, and The American Revolution: Crash Course World History #28 by CrashCourse
  2. Taxes & Smuggling – Prelude to Revolution: Crash Course US History #6 by CrashCourse
  3. Who Won the American Revolution?: Crash Course US History #7 by CrashCourse
  4. An Idiot’s Guide to the Declaration of Independence by Keith Hughes
  5. Causes of US War of Independence by John Stanier
  6. American Revolution Animated Kids Lesson – No More Kings – Schoolhouse Rock by libertyclick
  7. The History Channel: Pint Size History – American Revolution by HISTORY UK
  8. Liberty`s Kids #06 The Shot Heard Round the World by Mimielove55
  9. Colonialism in America Explained: US History Review by Keith Hughes


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