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Viperfish are featured in the following book:
25 Deep Sea Creatures
25 Weirdest Animals in the World

Nautilus Viperfish – Dive Highlight

The EV Nautilus gets rare footage of a viperfish off the coast of Sicily, Italy

Eerie critters of the deep: BIG TEETH
Some fascinating footage from the folks at MBARI.
In order of appearance: Aristostomias scintillans (Shiny loosejaw), Anoplogaster cornuta (Fangtooth), Tactostoma macropus (Longfin dragonfish), Chaenophryne, Chauliodus macouni (Viperfish), Tactostoma macropus (Longfin dragonfish), Chauliodus macouni (Viperfish), Tactostoma macropus (Longfin dragonfish).


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