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Vervet MonkeyVervet Monkey, picture taken at Lake Manyara Nationalpark, Tanzania by Yoky

Vervet Monkey Facts

Old World Monkey
Alternative names: Chlorocebus pygerythrus, Vervet
Where in the world? Southern and East Africa (Introduced to Barbados, St. Kitts, Nevis and Florida)
Habitat: Savanna, woodlands near rivers, coastal forests and mountains
Diet: Wild fruits, flowers, leaves, seeds, vegetable and grain crops, grasshoppers, termites and bird eggs
Size: 16.8 to 19 inches long
Weight: Nine to twelve pounds
Average lifespan:12 to 24 years
Conservation status: Least Concern

Vervet monkeys are some of the most studied monkeys, mainly because their fascinating antics give insights into human behavior. They are relatively small, growing up to 19 inches long and weighing only 12 pounds, and are mostly grey with black faces.

Vervet monkeys are noted for their use of alcohol. In Barbados, St. Kitts and Nevis, where vervet monkeys were introduced, it was observed that the majority of the monkeys drink alcohol, some even going so far as to steal alcoholic drinks from tourists on the beach. In a study, scientists found that most of them prefer alcohol diluted with fruit juice, the group leaders prefer alcohol diluted with water whilst 5% drink pure alcohol quickly and until they pass out!

Taken from IP Factly’s 25 Awesome Apes & Monkeys

Vervet Monkey YouTube video playlist
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