Loggerhead Turtles Facts!

Loggerhead Turtle by coda cc2.0

Loggerhead Turtles Facts!

Loggerhead Turtle by coda cc2.0

Loggerhead Turtles are one of the most widespread turtle species. They inhabit coastal waters, but can also be found in the open ocean where they tend to glide near the surface of the water. A fully grown turtle will measure up to 3.6 feet (1.1 meters) in length. The turtles have huge heads which is why they are called the “loggerhead” turtles. Their shell is a reddish brown colour and they have very powerful jaws that help to crack open crustaceans like crabs or even giant clams.

Loggerhead Nest Chamber. July 17, 2012 – Blackbeard Island, GA. Image credit: USFWS/Southeast cc2.0

During one breeding season females lay eggs about three to five times. The female digs a hole in the beach where the high tide will not reach, and lays around 100 eggs in one clutch. It takes young loggerhead turtles around 35 years to reach maturity.

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