Female Bonobo at La Vallée de Singes, at Romagne (Vienne, Poitou-Charentes), France. Image credit: Hans Hillewaert cc3.0

Bonobos are one of the rarest, most intelligent animal species in the world. They are endemic to the Democratic Republic of Congo. Though they are related to chimpanzees and look a lot like them, they differ in several ways. Bonobos are the more peaceful animals of the two. Chimpanzees will kill other chimpanzees to guard their turf, whereas bonobos tend to solve problems socially.

Bonobo searching for termites. Image credit: Mike Richey GFDL v1.2

They are omnivorous animals, but they eat mostly fruit, leaves, flowers, bark and seeds. They also eat honey, eggs, insects and even small mammals and reptiles. Bonobos in captivity however, have shown characteristics of cannibalism (eating other bonobos).

Claudine_andre and young bonobo

Bonobos share 97% of human DNA. They exhibit a lot of human habits, like laughing and playing. They have even been taught to play music and use tools, and one bonobo even tried driving a golf cart, though it crashed pretty quickly. Scientists have taught bonobos to understand questions and to reply using gestures.

Bonobos are featured in the following book:
25 Apes and Monkeys

The YouTube video playlist below contains videos about bonobos (formerly called the pygmy chimpanzee). Details of the videos featured are underneath.

The Playlist:

  1. Bonobos: Language Recognition, Play by tehinfidel
  2. Kanzi An Ape of Genius Part 1 by Bob Phish
  3. Kanzi Making and Using Stone Tool by StoneAgeInstitute


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