Bactrian camel

bactrian camel

Bactrian Camel

bactrian camel
Bactrian Camel in Shanghai Zoo. By J. Patrick Fischer cc3.0

Bactrian camels come with two humps (instead of one like dromedaries) and, contrary to popular belief, they’re not filled with water! The role of the hump is the same for all camels — storing fat. This fat is converted to energy that the camel uses to survive when food is not available. The humps are plump and erect when full, but when they are used up they are limp and slack. Bactrian camels can go a long time without water, but when it’s available, they will drink 15 to 30 gallons (57 to 114 liters) of water in just a few minutes, to quench their thirst.

Bactrian camels
Bactrian camels in Nubra Valley, India. Photo taken by John Hill cc3.0

These two-humped camels are 9.8 feet (3 meters) tall, with long necks and short tails. Their coat color varies from light to dark brown, depending on the time of the year. Their coat grows thicker, longer and darker during the winter months, but comes off in large masses when the weather becomes hot again. They have thick eyebrows and long eyelashes to protect their eyes from sand, and can also close their nostrils for the same purpose.

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