Atlantic Goliath Grouper


Atlantic Goliath Grouper…

Epinephelus Itajara (Goliath grouper)
Epinephelus Itajara (Goliath grouper) by Albert kok GFDL

Large, saltwater fish, growing up to 9.8 feet (3 meters) in length and about half as wide, Atlantic goliath groupers dwell in shallow water. Their diet consists of crustaceans and fish, and even octopuses and young sea turtles. Even though they have teeth, they swallow their prey whole.

They lay their eggs in large shoals, always returning to the same spot. They are also very curious, and usually fearless. These are actually disadvantages to them, because then they can be easily found and hunted by fishermen.

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The YouTube video playlist below contains videos about Atlantic Goliath Groupers. Details of the videos featured are underneath.

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