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101 parrot facts

101 Facts… Parrots!

Over 101 cool facts about these beautiful and highly intelligent animals.
It contains facts, photos and awesome videos that show us more about these stunning creatures.

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Five Quick Facts:


  1. There is no longer any parrot indigenous to North America. The Carolina parakeet could once be found from New York to Colorado but was declared extinct in 1939.
  2. Parrots are the third-most popular pets, after dogs and cats.
  3. The buff-faced pygmy parrot is the world’s smallest parrot and can only be found in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.
  4. The kakapo is the world’s only nocturnal parrot and it is also the only flightless parrot
  5. The Puerto Rican Amazon is one of the rarest parrots in the world. As of 2012, there were only about 80 birds remaining in the wild.

Taken from ‘101 Facts… Parrots‘ by IP Factly
Some of the animals included in the book are listed below.

Follow the links for the animal’s video playlist:

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