Funny Dog Videos

Compilation of some of the funniest dog videos

Let us know if you’ve found one we should be adding to the playlist in the comments below or contact us here with the link and we’ll add it with thanks.
This collection was made for ‘101 Facts… Dogs!’ and ‘The Daily Dog’.

Hilarious Hound Playlist Includes…

  • Dog plays dead to avoid taking a bath! by FunniestCute
  • Boxer excited to go for a walk by markphford
  • Been waking up late for some reason (ORIGINAL) by A1994B3
  • Rottweiler causing a baby laugh attack by jillyvicky
  • My dog’s reaction to wolf howling by NickiK89
  • Dog’s dream comes true! by njalakomboya
  • Ultimate Dog Tease by Talking Animals
  • Denver Official Guilty Dog Video by foodplot
  • Funny Dogs Bloopers – America’s Funniest Home Videos part 408 | OrangeCabinet by cryptic AFV
  • The world’s most funny dog video by 521bioapple
  • Cats vs Dogs FUNNY by mihaifrancu
  • Mini Dachshund Puppy Vs. Mirror by steva44
  • Cute dog does his best to not get wet by Petsami