Cute Dog Videos

Compilation of some of the cutest dog videos

Let us know if you’ve found one we should be adding to the playlist in the comments below or contact us here with the link and we’ll add it with thanks.
This collection was made for ‘101 Facts… Dogs!’ and ‘The Daily Dog’.

Cute Hound Playlist Includes…

  • Dog sings while the baby cries by Stefan Krkalovic
  • How to make a baby stop crying by Jnaef
  • Mini Dachshund Puppy Vs. Mirror by steva44
  • Boxer puppies and baby by Donna Leavitt
  • Best dog trick EVER – Play Dead with dramatic pug stumble by perfecttommy
  • Denver Official Guilty Dog Video by foodplot
  • Cute ADORABLE kitten tries to steal dog’s tongue (as seen on Ellen!!) by dcjanelle
  • If you like cute dog & baby stuff, you’ll love this…. by MsJadensDad
  • Boston Terrier dog likes his belly tickled! Funny face ~ CUTE! (Original) by RockinRobinzo
  • Guilty Corgi Dog (still cute though!) by Greg Andersen
  • Cute 6 Week Old Boxer Puppies Playing by hansende
  • Cute 4 Week Old Boxer Puppies Playing by hansende
  • Cherry on the slide 10 weeks by philipattomic