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The Weather for Early readers

The Weather for Early Readers

This book for early or guided readers looks at the weather, how it is formed and what it does. This Earth book helps explain more about our weather.

It uses stunning photos, great facts, a question and answer section plus this video page to help early readers develop an understanding of the weather on our little blue planet.

If you haven’t already bought it visit Amazon to buy it today!

The video playlist to accompany the book is below, as are details of the videos used.

The Playlist:

  1. Broken Hill Dust Storm Australia by Clunesley
  2. Phoenix Dust Storm 2012 Monsoon Phoenix, Arizona July 21, 2012 Haboob Dust Sand Storm Gilbert, AZ by Star Wars HQ
  3. Very Large Hail by cld9trs
  4. Close “clear-air” lightning bolt! – Darwin Australia by William Nguyen-Phuoc
  5. Epic Lightning Storm in Georgia by Jason Weingart
  6. Watch The Birth of a Tornado by National Geographic
  7. Tornadoes, Lightning in Rare Video by National Geographic
  8. Inside the Tornado by National Geographic
  9. Super Hurricanes and Typhoons by SpaceRip
  10. Hurricane Wilma Video – Miami Beach, Florida by UltimateChase
  11. Hurricanes 101 by National Geographic
  12. Steep road + ice and snow = FUN… by iloveiphoneandipad
  13. Weather 101: A Tutorial on Cloud Types by NWSAlbuquerque


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