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Tortoises are featured in the following book:
101 Facts… Turtles!

The YouTube video playlist below contains a video about Tortoises. Details of the videos featured are underneath.

The Playlist:

  1. Attenborough – The wonder of the Tortoise Tunnel – BBC wildlife
  2. Jousting Tortoises – Life In Cold Blood – BBC One
  3. Captive breeding programme & rare babies -BBC Animals
  4. Repopulating Pinta by GalapagosConservancy
  5. Lonesome George ambles away by GalapagosConservancy
  6. Giant Galapagos Tortoise (extreme closeup!) by Arlo Midgett
  7. Tiny Tortoise Comes When Called by planetXplorer
  8. Tortoise helps friend who’s flipped over by radicalgeetee
  9. Dog saved by Tortoise fight gone amok by sporadic66
  10. The Galápagos Tortoise by globalzoo


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