Spectacled Bears

Spectacled Bear

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Spectacled bears are featured in the following book:
101 Facts… Bears!

The YouTube video below is a collection of videos about spectacled bears. The list of videos featured is underneath.

The Playlist:

  1. Spectacled Bear Pair – Meet Willie and Pattie, Houston Zoo’s Spectacled Bears by houstonzoo
  2. Spectacled Bear cubs and Amazonian facts – Andes: The Dragons Back – BBC Wildlife
  3. Endangered Bear Cub Rescued In Peru by NTDTV
  4. Spectacled Bears, Inkaterra, Peru by BirdingAdventures
  5. Denis Torres en: “Spectacled Bears: shadows of the forest” – BBC Natural World by Fundación Andígen
  6. Spectacled Bear or Andean bear (Tremarctos ornatus) by tomb0171
  7. Weird animals of the Andean Cloud Forests – Wild South America – BBC


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