Sharks and Humans


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Videos about how sharks and humans interact.

The YouTube video below contains a playlist of 5 videos about sharks and humans – our fear of them, how we are abusing them and how we can help. The list of videos featured is underneath.

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Sharks Early Readers or Sharks! Books

The Playlist:

  1. Shark Therapy: Big Sharks : Nov 19, 2006 – Tanya Streeter has a phobia of sharks. To get over this fear she goes to the Maldives looking for the biggest shark in the world.
  2. Shark Therapy: Scary Sharks : Nov 26, 2006 – Tanya Streeter moves on to more fearsome sharks – nurse sharks, reef sharks, lemon sharks and eventually a known man-eater the tiger shark.
  3. The Story of Sharks by CEIBahamas – A beautiful animation showing the importance of sharks to the natural system and the stupidy of shark finning.
  4. Shark Fin Soup by National Geographic – A look at the horrible and senseless industry of shark finning.
  5. Million-Dollar Reef Sharks by Pew – A new study by the Australian Institute of Marine Science concludes that sharks are worth far more alive and swimming. In Palau, the Pacific Island nation that declared its waters a sanctuary free of shark fishing, sharks provide a lynchpin for the tourism industry.


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