Shark Trivia Quiz

green shark

What do you know about the crazy antics of sharks? Find out in our shark trivia quiz.

Great White Shark

The following facts are taken from ‘The Daily Shark – Shark Facts ‘ by IP Factly



Take the shark quiz using the slideshow below or go through the questions underneath.


1. True or False? The first sharks swam the oceans 200 million years before dinosaurs even existed.




2. Which sharks’ attacks forced U.S. submarines back to base in the 1970’s and 1980’s?





3. True or False? The oldest known species of shark is called the ruffled shark.




4. Which of these is a shark with poisonous flesh?

 Newfoundland shark

 Greenland shark

 Iceland shark


5. True or False? Sharks can sense electromagnetic fields.




6. Which species of shark was spotted swimming through the streets of Brisbane during the 2011 flood?



 Great white


7. True or False? The Cookiecutter shark eats its own teeth.




8. Which of these is a species of shark discovered off the coast of Japan in 1897?





9. Which of the following is a shark that makes a sound like a barking dog?

 Swell shark

 Bloater shark

 Plump shark


10. Which of the following sharks eats its siblings while still in the womb?

 Great white

 Sand tiger


Answers to the Shark Trivia Quiz:

1.True 2. Cookiecutter 3. False. It’s the frilled shark 4. Greenland shark 5. True 6. Bull 7. True 8. Goblin 9. Swell shark 10. Sand tiger



This Shark Trivia Quiz was taken from the “Daily Shark – Shark Facts Book




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