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Videos about the super senses of sharks

The YouTube video below contains a playlist of 3 videos about the shark’s senses. The list of videos featured is underneath.

These videos are mentioned in the following books:
Sharks Early Readers
25 most Awesome Sharks
The Daily Shark

The Playlist:

  1. Look into the elements that lead to a shark’s intelligence – Swimming with Roboshark – BBC Earth – Sir David Attenborough looks into why sharks are more intelligent than most other fish. From the BBC documentary Smart Sharks: Swimming with Roboshark.
  2. ESP of sharks – BBC – A closer look at the senses sharks have that we don’t.
  3. Sharks – Perspectives on Ocean Science – A fifty-eight minute hugely in-depth look at the anatomy of sharks by renowned shark expert Jeffrey Graham. This one’s for those really, really interested in sharks.


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