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Oceanic whitetip shark Videos

The YouTube video below contains a playlist of 3 videos to have a look at, the list of videos featured is underneath.

These videos are mentioned in the following books:
Sharks Early Readers
25 most Awesome Sharks
The Daily Shark

The Playlist:

    1. Oceanic whitetip shark by Dive Magazine – Some fantastic information as well as super footage on the Oceanic whitetip
    2. Surrounded by Oceanic White Tipped Sharks – Planet Earth – BBC wildlife – Scenes from the Making Of [easyazon-link asin=”B00321JVMM” locale=”us”]Planet Earth – Ocean Deep[/easyazon-link]. Whitetips begin showing aggressive behavior towards the cameraman and he begins fearing for his life.
    3. Oceanic White Tip Shark Kona Hawaii by JacksDivingLocker – Great footage of an oceanic whitetip (ironically missing its whitetip) as it glides smoothly through the water.

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