Neptune – A Space Book

Neptune - Space Book for Kids

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Neptune - Space Book

This book, for early or guided readers, looks at Neptune, the cold lonely planet at the far side of the solar system.

This space book for early readers helps explain more about Neptune and its largest moon Triton. The book uses stunning photos, great facts, a question and answer section plus this video page to help early readers develop an understanding of Neptune.

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The video playlist to accompany the book is below, as are details of the videos used.

The Playlist:

  1. Space School Neptune by 77treilly
  2. Voyager 2 at Neptune: “Voyager’s Last Encounter” 1989 NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory JPL CalTech by Jeff Quitney
  3. Neptune – Sixty Symbols by Sixty Symbols
  4. Uranus And Neptune: The Mysterious Outer Giants by VideoFromSpace
  5. The Neptune’s sounds by Vladimir Ilitch