Mountain Gorillas Facts!

Mountain Gorilla by Hans, PD Image.

Mountain Gorillas Facts!

Mountain Gorilla by Hans PD Image

The Mountain Gorilla is huge with a short but thick trunk and a broad chest and shoulders. Its arms are longer than its stubby legs. A full grown adult male is twice as large as a female. The DNA of the gorilla is 98%-99% identical to that of a human.

Gorilla Diet

Feeding Mountain Gorilla, Uganda. Image credit: Rod Waddington CC BY-SA 2.0

Mountain gorillas eat a range of plants which includes wild celery, thistles, bamboo and fruits etc. The diet apparently provides the gorillas with adequate hydration so that they need little water.


Photo by Stevebidmead PD Image

The gorillas have a natural fear of reptiles and even captive born gorillas seems to fear them. Also they are afraid of water and will only attempt to cross streams if they can do so without getting wet (like crossing over fallen logs) and they are also averse to rain.

Despite its fierce appearance it is a shy animal and would rather flee than fight. However it will bravely defend its family group if they are threatened. Gorilla family groups are very close and the bonds between family members are very strong. Gorillas are nomadic therefore they have to build new nests every day, from bent tree branches or on grass on the ground.

Silverback Gorillas

Silverback gorilla by ellemclin PD Image

A dominant silver back gorilla leads the group. The young gorillas of the group often linger close to him and include him in their games. If the mother of a young dies or leaves the group, the silverback gorilla is the one that takes care of the unfortunate baby, even letting it sleep in his nest. If the leader of the group dies and a new silverback takes charge of the group, he may commit infanticide and kill the infants of the previous silverback.

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