Monster Book of Jokes

monster book of jokes

Jokes don’t get much more groan-inspiring than this!

Over 300 jokes to laugh, groan, baffle and amuse!

monster book of jokes

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Why did the elephant wear pink scarf and gloves?
The purple ones were in the wash!

Teacher: When was the last time your eyes were checked?
Boy: Never… they’ve always been brown!

What happened when a man tried to cross a tiger with a sheep?
He had to get a new sheep!

What happened when an elephant sat in front of a policeman at the movies?
He missed most of the film!

What happened when Baron Frankenstein saw a bare-necked corpse walking around?
He made a bolt for it!

Why are postal workers afraid of dogs called Frost?
Because Frost-bites!

Why are rabbits so good at math?
They are the quickest multipliers!

Why are pirates so cool?
Because they just “Arrrrr!”

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