MARS – The Red Planet! Early Reader Books

MARS Early Reader Book

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MARS - The Red Planet! Space Books

This book for early or guided readers looks at MARS – The Red Planet! It contains important facts and awesome photos.

Mars has inspired science fiction writers for over one hundred years and is at last beginning to share its secrets. This book for early readers (8’s and below) helps explain more about Mars while using some stunning photos to help inspire a sense of wonder at the Solar System and its planets.

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The video playlist to accompany the book is below, as are details of the videos used.

The Playlist:

  1. Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover Animation by NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  2. Curiosity Has Landed by NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  3. What sets Curiosity apart from other Mars Rovers? by SpaceRip
  4. Mars: World That Never Was by SpaceRip
  5. Why Mars Died, and Earth Lived by SpaceRip
  6. NASA Mars Curiosity Rover Report — June 7, 2013 by NASAtelevision
  7. NASA Mars Curiosity Rover Report — July 11, 2013 by NASAtelevision
  8. NASA Curiosity Rover Report — September 19, 2013 by NASAtelevision