George Washington – Just the Facts!

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George Washington Biography

George Washington – Just the Facts!

One of the most important people in American history – George Washington – the man who helped give the United States of America its independence.

Some videos giving you some more facts about the man himself and the events he helped shape are included in the player below.

Details of the videos are listed underneath.

The Playlist:

  1. President George Washington Biography by TheUsPresidents – More facts about the great man.
  2. George Washington (Part 1) by Twodeez
  3. George Washington (Part 2) by Twodeez
  4. The American Revolution in 5 breathtaking minutes! by Lisa Murphy – A montage of paintings showing the important figures in the revolution and what they did.
  5. The American Revolution – Biography George Washington Founding Father by The Documentary Movie
  6. The Importance of George Washington by YaleCourses – A detailed look at Washington and what he did that made him so influential.