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Genghis Khan - Biography

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“Born with the name of Temujin to a father who was a Mongolian tribal chief, Genghis Khan was orphaned and destitute at nine. He went on to became the ruler of the largest land empire that has ever existed. He united Mongolian tribes that had spent previous generations fighting with each other. He turned them into a skilful, tactical and brutal army. He is remembered by most as a war lord, with some saying that he was reincarnated from evil. However, despite the tales of horror there is a real, principled and proud man behind the legend.”

Introduction from Genghis Khan – Just the Facts! by IP Factly

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Genghis Khan Biography Videos

Videos included in the player below give you some more facts about one of the most astonishing men in history.

The Playlist:

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  3. Wait For It…The Mongols! Crash Course World History #17
  4. Growth of the Mongol Empire, 1206-1294 by EarthDirect
  6. The Lost Empire of Genghis Khan – Ancient Civilizations by impincusa
  7. The History of The Mongol Empire by

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