Firefly (Lightning Bug) and Glowworms


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Fireflies are featured in the following books:
25 Nocturnal Animals
25 Beastly Bugs and Insects

There are two YouTube video playlists below. One contains videos about Fireflies and the other videos about glowworms. Details of the videos featured are underneath.

The Playlist:

  1. Firefly (Lightning Bug) Lampyrida by tomb0171
  2. Lamprigera – GIANT MUTANT Thailand Firefly Found in Jungle – BRIGHT Light by Thailand Living
  3. FIREFLIES Near Hudson River (NYC) by Mary Allen
  4. Firefly (Lightning Bug) by Naveen Vijayan
  5. Fireflies at the National Mall by pugdemonium

The Playlist:

  1. Amazing Insects Vol.1, No.2 : Glowworm No.002 by aquabeetles
  2. Amazing Insects Vol.1, No.3 : Glowworm pupa by aquabeetles
  3. Amazing Insects Vol.1, No.4 : Glowworm No.004 by aquabeetles
  4. Amazing Insects vol.1, No.1 : Glowworm No.001 by aquabeetles
  5. Amazing Insects Vol.1, No.4 : Glowworm No.005 – It’s called “Burmese Galaxy” by aquabeetles
  6. Glow Worm II by forestexplorers
  7. Glow worm at night doing its display by handfeedrobin



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