Link #78: Hogewey Is a Fake – Real Town in Europe!



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Link #78: Hogewey Is a Fake – Real Town in Europe!

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There’s no denying that Netherlands is one of the most progressive countries in the world. The Dutch have a tendency to question the status quo and come up with better ways of doing things. They did it with their prisoners by innovating within their rehabilitation system, as we explained in our last post, and they’re also doing it for their dementia patients.

What have the Dutch done new when it comes to taking care of the elderly who suffer from dementia? Well, they’ve gone all the way and created a fake village for them only a little distance away from Amsterdam.

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How Is Hogewey Fake and Real at the Same Time?

Hogewey, or Dementiaville as many locals call it, is a village located only about 20 minutes away from Amsterdam. It’s a village that exists solely for people suffering from dementia. In fact, the village consists of only two types of people.

One is those who are suffering from dementia and are there for professional care and the other is the professionals who provide the required care. The village looks to provide people suffering from dementia a way to live their life normally without the risks, dangers, troubles and inconveniences that their disease can bring.

Effectively, the dementia patients don’t know that everyone around them is either a patient or a caregiver. They go about their lives normally, such as going for a movie, shopping for groceries, taking walks and even getting a haircut. All the people employed in these public areas are caregivers but most patients don’t really know this.


What Kinds of Lifestyles Are There in Dementiaville?

The people in charge of Dementiaville provide seven different lifestyle choices to their patients. These lifestyle choices are aristocratic, the working class, Indonesian origin, homemakers, cultural, city and religious.

The lifestyles are not only designed to help dementia patients feel comfortable and safe, but also provide a form of treatment. These full-fledged lifestyles make reminiscence therapy even more effective for the dementia patients as their lives give them the prompts that improve recall.

About six to seven patients within the same lifestyle category stay in huge apartments. Each dementia patient is given four caregivers who are responsible for his or her wellbeing. Furthermore, there are doctors who are always available even though medication is kept low for most patients.

The carers allow dementia patients to continue their fantasy lives even if it is vastly different from reality. Some patients are in their 80s but think that they’re in their 30s. The job of the caregivers is to allow them to do so without letting it affect them.

What Is Dementia?

A woman suffering from alzheimer’s disease. Image credit: Vince Alongi cc2.0

Dementia is a condition which adversely affects an individual’s ability to think and remember. The forgetfulness and inability to think can grow to a point where the individual is unable to live a normal life.

Even though dementia is a physiological problem caused by a wide variety of brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, it has a massive impact on the patient’s emotional wellbeing. Dementia can make a person lose motivation to continue living and seriously affect his or her emotional state of being.

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