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The Daily Snake

Fascinating facts about these scary and efficient animals aimed at 6-11 year olds.
It contains facts, photos and great headlines to provoke interest and lots of chat about these amazing and often misunderstood creatures.

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Daily Snake headlines include:

  • Super Sense Confusion as Snake Uses Jaw to Listen.
  • Snake Found With Skin Made from Human Fingernails.
  • Snakes Take Over the World … Nearly.
  • Snake Opens Mouth 3 times Wider than Own Head.
  • A Single Snake Bite Can Kill 100 Men.
  • Horses Save Thousands of Snake-bite Victims.
  • Black Mamba Wins the New York Marathon!
  • Burma Invades Florida!

Taken from ‘The Daily Snake – Facts ‘ by IP Factly

Many of the animals included in the book are listed below.
Follow the links for the animal’s video playlist:

For video footage…


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