Cougar Facts!

Image credit: Eric Kilby cc2.0

Cougar Facts!

Image credit: Eric Kilby cc2.0

Cougars (also known as pumas and mountain lions) can jump, run and even swim, but unlike other large cats, they don’t roar — instead they purr like house cats.

Cougar ready to pounce
Cougar ready to pounce by Neil McIntosh cc2.0

They usually hunt in the dark and are extremely stealthy. They stalk their prey, then pounce, aiming a fatal bite at the head, throat or back of the neck. Any animal that survives this ferocious attack is left with puncture marks and shredded skin where the cougar has held on with its claws. The cougar will often break the neck of smaller prey.


A mountain lion (also called Cougar and Puma)Puma concolor eating
A mountain lion (also called Cougar and Puma)Puma concolor eating. Image credit: Benjamint444 GFDL v1.2

Like all carnivores, these felines need to feed on meat to survive. Sometimes they will cover a leftover carcass with leaves and then return to feed on it over the following days.

Mountain lions (cougars). PD image

Female cougars are highly protective of their young and have been observed fighting off animals as large as black bears. Male cougars do not have a role in parenting. Cougars are very territorial creatures that prefer to lead solitary lives in less populated areas. They mark their territory by urinating on small piles of leaves and grasses, or sometimes they use scrape marks and even their own feces to mark their territory. This is also used to attract mates.

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