Christmas Tree Worm Facts!


Christmas Tree Worm Facts!


Christmas Tree Worms are featured in the following book:
25 Strangest Animals in the World!

The YouTube video playlist below contains videos about Christmas Tree Worms. Details of the videos featured are underneath.

The Playlist:

  1. LUMIX FT5 Christmas Tree Worms(Bug-eye Lens) by LUMIX INON
  2. Christmas Tree Worms Retracting by rklucas001
  3. “Christmas Tree Worms” | California Academy of Sciences by California Academy of Sciences
  4. Christmas-tree worm by Taufiq urrahman
  5. A spawning Christmas tree worm (Spirobranchus giganteus) by Undersea Productions
  6. ‘The Christmas Tree Worm’ by Coral Morphologic


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