Barbary macaque

Barbary Macaque

Barbary Macaque…

Barbary Macaque
Barbary Macaques inhabit the Rock of Gibraltar. By David Stanley cc2.0

Barbary macaques are sometimes referred to as apes, because they do not have tails, but they are actually monkeys. While most of them live in Africa, some live on Gibraltar in southern Spain, and these are the only free-ranging primates, other than humans, that inhabit modern-day Europe.

Barbary macaque father and son
Father monkey and baby monkey. Gibraltar. By Karyn Sig cc2.0

Barbary macaques live in large troops of about a hundred members. When they are of age, the males leave their biological families to join other troops. The males in this species show a great deal of parental care for the young — grooming, protecting and playing with them. This may be because they are unsure of the paternity of the young. Females mate with more than one male and therefore it is not easy to determine paternity.

Cheek pouches that go down the sides of their necks are used to store food, and can hold about the same amount of food as the stomach! Their diet consists of plants and insects.

Barbary Macaque Facts !

Old World Monkey
Alternative names: Macaca sylvanus, Barbary ape, Monos, Rock apes
Where in the world? Middle Atlas Mountains
Habitat: Forests with an elevation of 3,900 to 6,200 feet above sea level
Diet: Leaves, roots, fruit and insects
Size: Up to 30 inches long
Weight: 35 pounds
Average lifespan: 20 to 30 years or more
Conservation status: Endangered

Apart from humans, Barbary macaques are the only free-living primates that can be found in Europe, although they can also be found in North Africa. While they are sometimes referred to as apes, they are true monkeys.

Barbary macaques live in groups called troops. These troops are led by females, with both male and females participate in taking care of the young, particularly in grooming them. Interestingly, the more time a male spends with the young ones, both his own offspring and others’, the more favorable he becomes in the eyes of females when mating season arrives, which occurs from November through March.

They are the most popular attraction in Gibraltar and are well cared for by the British military on the island, since it is believed that as long as the Barbary macaques exist on Gibraltar, the island will remain in the hands of the British.

Taken from IP Factly’s 25 Awesome Apes & Monkeys

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