Link #145: There Was Once An Artificial Tsunami Creation Machine!

Artificial Tsunami Creation
Image credit: Chill Mimi/CC BY 2.0


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Link #145: There Was Once An Artificial Tsunami Creation Machine!

Artificial Tsunami Creation
Image credit: Chill Mimi/CC BY 2.0

In our last post, we dived into the ancient history of the United Kingdom region. We spoke about how the United Kingdom was once a peninsula that was transformed into a group of islands only because of a massive tsunami. Tsunamis are caused when a large amount of water in a big water body is displaced.

Generally, tsunamis are caused by landslides (the United Kingdom was born because of one such landslide), volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes. While tsunami waves and their resultant destruction can be huge, it doesn’t take much to create a tsunami. In fact, did you know that tsunamis can be created artificially?

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Can Man Actually Create Artificial Tsunamis?

It’s possible for man to create artificial tsunamis with the help of explosives. Research shows that if explosives with just the right amount of yield are set of off the coast of some land mass, then they could end up causing tsunamis.

The height of tsunami caused by such explosives would depend directly on the intensity of the explosions. However, according to these researches, a single explosive with a massive yield may not be able to create a tsunami.

Instead, multiple explosives need to be placed in a line. This shows that the placement of the explosives is much more relevant to the creation of artificial tsunami than their intensity. These explosives combined together and the process of their deployment is called the Tsunami Bomb.

When Was The Tsunami Bomb Built?

The Tsunami Bomb was being researched by the United State of America during the WWII. It was being researched in New Zealand at the same time that the atomic bomb was being researched. The reason why the Tsunami Bomb was being researched was Japanese aggressions during the WWII. This research project was known as the Project Seal.

Project Seal was a result of an American navy officer EA Gibson noticing that small explosions to clear coral reefs were causing small waves. Project Seal was led by Auckland University’s Professor Thomas Leech. Small test explosions numbering 3,700 were conducted off the coast of Auckland with promising results.

The tests were conducted between 1944 and 1945. When the findings were analysed, it was believed that further research would make Tsunami Bomb a viable option for the military.

However, the Project Seal was designed to be an alternative to the American project for developing the atomic bomb. Thus, when the atomic bomb was deemed successful, Project Seal was cancelled off by the Americans.

What Type Of Weapon Is The Tsunami Bomb?

The Tsunami Bomb that was researched in New Zealand by the Americans was a form of tectonic weapon. Tectonic weapons are those weapons that utilise the geological process of Earth to create artificially created natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and tsunamis.

It’s believed that scientists in the Soviet Union were also doing research into creating tectonic weapons which were dubbed Volcano and Mercury. There have been rumors of many other types of tectonic weapons in the media with most accusations being denied by the concerned authorities.

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