Angel Sharks

Japanese angel shark

Angel Sharks…

Japanese angel shark
Japanese angel shark by RYO SATO cc2.0

The fifteen species of the angel shark inhabit the Pacific Ocean. They like to dwell in warm, tropical waters, hiding buried under the sand near coral reefs. They grow up to 6.5 feet (2 meters) long and have bodies with sandpaper-like skin. Their skin color allows them to camouflage into the sandy bottom. Their bodies are also flat, and they have a pair of barbells on their nose which help them sense and taste prey. Most sharks need to keep swimming in order to breathe, but since angel sharks spend a majority of their time motionless, they have spirals on their head that pump water through their gills.

These are carnivorous fish with sharp pointy teeth. They lie unmoving in a sandy pit until something edible appears. Then they snatch it up in a matter of few seconds. Angel sharks do not purposely attack humans — they only do so when provoked.

Female angel sharks are ovoviviparous creatures. This means that the young hatch from eggs while still inside the female’s body, and then come out as live young.

Angel shark burying itself in sand, San Clemente Island, California by drocfish

Watch an angel shark get disturbed, then move off and bury itself back into the sand.

Horn Shark Vs Angel Shark by Chris Avila
Great footage of an angel shark suddenly gulping down a horn shark.
(This is the same video clip that’s on the horn shark page)

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