Amazon Wolf Fish (aka Trairao)


Amazon Wolf Fish Facts!

The Amazon Wolf Fish is a ferocious indeed monstrous freshwater fish. They can reach up to 39 inches in length but there have been records of bigger fish.

They come out when it’s dark and feed on fish and small invertebrates that accidentally fall in to the water. They wait for the prey and then swiftly attack it utilizing the element of surprise. The fishermen that roam the waters with the wolf fish dwelling in it have to be very cautious because of its unpredictable behavior; some fish are rather shy while some tend to be very violent. Sometimes the wolf fish will even jump onto the canoe or shore to attack their prey.

Wolf fish have a special ability to breathe air to satiate them when there is a lack of oxygen. They have tissues in their skin, swim bladders and stomach that are rich in blood; this helps them to expand their oxygen supply from air. Due to this special adaptation they have the ability to survive in any tropical waters, shallow or deep.

Amazon Wolf Fish are featured in the kid’s book 25 River Monsters

The YouTube video playlist below contains videos about Wolf Fish. Details of the videos featured are underneath.

The Playlist:

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