A Few Fetid Food-related Facts

Blood Pancakes
Image credit: Lapplänning/CC0

Blood Can Be Used As a Substitute for Eggs in Baking

Blood Pancakes
Image credit: Lapplänning/CC0

Recently, blood has been discovered to have the same protein composition as eggs, a fact which has made researchers curious as to whether or not blood can be used as a substitute for eggs as a baking ingredient. Apparently it can, and in fact, recipes have already been made. Bloody cakes and ice cream anyone?

The Aghoris Sect in India Eat Human Faeces

Agori Tribe
Image credit: Alewis2388/CC BY 3.0

The Aghoris sect from India eats human turd as part of their worship of Shiva, the Hindu god of destruction. They also like to smear themselves in the ashes of burnt human bodies that they dig up, drink from human skulls and eat rotting flesh, all for the sake of divine enlightenment.

Unborn Babies Swallow Their Urine

Once their urinary system is in place during the second half of pregnancy, unborn babies pee about a litre a day. Where does the pee go? They swallow it, reusing the fluid.


Baby in Womb
Image credit: Peter O’Connor aka anemoneprojectors/CC BY-SA 2.0

Unborn Babies Eat Their Own Hair and Make It Their First Turd

In the womb, the foetus is covered with thin hair called lanugo. As this hair is shed, it mixes with the fluids and the unborn baby ends up eating it, later on excreting it the first time it poops outside the womb.

You Swallow 1.5 Liters of Your Mucus Every Day

Image credit: jeremyfoo/CC BY 2.0

Most of your mucus, the same stuff that runs out of your nose when you have a cold, goes down your throat and cleans up your respiratory tract. Why don’t you notice? That is because when you are healthy, your mucus is thin and clear.

Bile Makes Your Turds Brown

Image credit: GreenFlames09/CC BY 2.0

Have you ever wondered what makes poop brown? The culprit is bile, a greenish liquid produced by the liver, combined with bilirubin or dead red blood cells.

Burping in Space

Astronauts Eating Burgers
Image credit: NASA/CC0

Normally, we burp because we want to expel the gases that have built up in our stomach. It is different in space. Since there is no gravity to hold the liquid down, burping is not just gas – it’s liquid too! Astronauts call this “wet burps”. That’s also the reason why carbonated sodas and beers are not allowed in space.

Taste Receptors in your Butt

Image credit: Alex-501/CC BY 2.0

In fact, you have taste receptors in your butt, in your stomach, your intestines, your pancreas, your lungs and your brain. If you’re a guy, you even have taste receptors in your testicles. And you thought you only had them on your tongue! You crazy!


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