101 Spider Facts

101 Spider Facts

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101 Facts… SPIDERS!

Over 101 cool facts in this kids book about one of the most feared animals in the world – the spider. It has great pictures and facts and includes this video page which gives you even more fascinating information about this much misunderstood creature.

Some of the spider species included in the book are in the following video (the playlist and links to more spider footage onsite are below):

The Playlist:

  • World’s Weirdest : World’s Biggest Spider by NatGeoWild (goliath bird-eater)
  • Bee vs. Jumping Spider by NationalGeographic
  • Red Back Spider – Attenborough: Life in the Undergrowth – BBC
  • First ever sighting of a White Lady Spider – Animal Camera – BBC
  • HD: Spider Web Fishing – South Pacific – BBC Two
  • Spider Webs – Nature’s Weirdest Events – Episode 3 – BBC Two
  • WORLD’S STRONGEST SPIDER WEB by billschannel (Darwin’s Bark Spider)
  • Goliath bird-eating spider – Expedition Guyana – BBC
  • Giant Spider! World’s Biggest Spider Giant Huntsman Spider by Epic Wildlife
  • Tarantula Feeding #1 by Brian Stewart
  • Top 10 most venomous spiders by Daniel Valcárcel Muñoz de León