101 ancient Greece facts

101 Ancient Greece Facts

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101 ancient Greece facts

101 Facts… Ancient Greece

Over 101 amazing facts about one of the great civilizations of the world.

It contains facts, photos and awesome videos that show us more about the ancient Greeks.

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Five Quick Facts:

  • Greek men were party people. They would have dinner parties for their male friends starting from sundown until late evening. Sadly, no women were allowed to join these parties.
  • Greek children sure grew up pretty fast! They were considered adults upon reaching the age of thirteen years old! So much for being a teenager!
  • The shield was considered to be the most important piece of equipment for Spartan soldiers. If they lost this shield in battle, it was said to be the soldier’s biggest disgrace.
  • The Olympic games were held in the honor of Zeus, the king of the gods.
  • The Olympians were considered the major gods of the Greeks. They lived on Mount Olympus. Some of them were: Zeus (the leader of the Olympians), Hera (the queen of the gods) and Poseidon (the god of the oceans).

Taken from ‘101 Facts… Ancient Greece‘ by IP Factly

A detailed playlist of the videos is listed below.

The Playlist:

  1. Ancient Greece by Iken Edu
  2. Everyday Life in Ancient Greece by teachertubeMS
  3. The Ancient Greek World (1998) by Penn Museum
  4. The Greek Gods by Andrea Cirla
  5. The Persians & Greeks: Crash Course World History #5 by CrashCourse
  6. Alexander the Great and the Situation … the Great? Crash Course World History #8 by CrashCourse
  7. The Trojan Horse by Myrtle Entertainment
  8. Peloponnesian War and Thucydides by Andrea Cirla



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