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Fun headlines presented in a newspaper style with amazing moon facts and photos.
Aimed mainly at the 8 and under age range, this newspaper-style book, with fascinating headlines and great images, is the perfect way for guided readers and early readers to find out more about the Moon.

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Daily Moon headlines include:

  • Planet Collides with Earth!
  • 142 Day Drive to the Moon.
  • Moon Drives People Loony?
  • To Infinity … and Beyond!
  • My Neighbors Are Moving to the Moon.
  • Rock Taken Prisoner by Planet, Becomes Moon.
  • Aliens May Exist on a Moon.

Taken from ‘The Daily Moon – Moon Facts ‘ by IP Factly


Moon Quiz and Moon Videos

We have even included a Moon trivia quiz for you to try and here’s a collection of short moon videos for you to enjoy.


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