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Rhesus MacaqueRhesus Macaque in Kinnerasani Wildlife Sanctuary, India by J.M.Garg

Rhesus macaque Facts

Old World Monkey
Alternative names: Macaca mulatta, Rhesus monkey
Where in the world? Native to Asia but has been introduced to the Caribbean and the Southern United States
Habitat: Semi-desert, temperate forests, tropical forests, grasslands, mangrove swamps and near urban settings
Diet: Fruits, flowers, leaves, seeds, grass, clover, roots, bark, insects (like termites and grasshoppers), mushrooms, bird eggs and shellfish
Size: 17.75 to 25 inches long
Weight: 8.75 to 26.5 pounds
Average lifespan: 25 years
Conservation status: Least Concern

Rhesus macaques are omnivores that eat fruits, various plant parts, mushrooms, insects, bird eggs and shellfish. In some areas they also raid crops for food. In India, where they live in temples, they get most of their food from humans such as bread, bananas, peanuts and even ice cream.

Some rhesus macaques, especially those that live on the island of Cayo Santiago, are also known to eat dirt since the soil there is rich in minerals that are good for treating upset stomach. In other areas, rhesus macaques eat the soil from termite mounds when there isn’t any plants to eat.

Taken from IP Factly’s 25 Awesome Apes & Monkeys

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