Fifteen Fast Foul Food Facts!

Skuon Spiders

In Cambodia, spiders similar to tarantulas called ”a-ping” are bred in holes in the ground, especially for eating. One particular town, Skuon, has become famous among tourists for selling the fried spiders. They are usually tossed in sugar, salt, and garlic, then deep-fried.


The larvae of bees are eaten in Japan, where it is called Hachinoko.  The larvae are cooked in soy sauce and sugar, and are mainly a type of nostalgic food for parties.


Fertilised Duck Eggs Are Popular Street Food in the Philippines.They’re called balut and because they are fertilised, you can see the semi-developed chick inside, complete with head, beak and wings, right before eating it.

Casu Marzu

Sheep Milk Cheese With Live Insect Larvae Is a Traditional Dish in Sardinia.It has now been banned for hygiene reasons, but for centuries the people of Sardinia were served this dish. It is called casu marzu and is a whole chunk of sheep milk cheese with jumping white worms inside.

Century Eggs

Century Eggs Smell Like Horse Pee.So much so that in Thailand, the eggs are known as ‘khai yiao ma’ or ‘horseurine eggs’. They are not soaked in horse urine, though, but rather in a solution made of salt, clay, ash, quicklime and rice hulls. This process turns the egg white black and the egg yolk into something creamy.

Kopi Luwak

Kopi Luwak are coffee beans which have been eaten, are then, uh, plopped out by civets (a cat-sized mammal) and used to make coffee. Mmm! I love the smell of poop coffee in the morning!

Bird Spit Soup

More foods we would consider to be disgusting include bird spit soup, more commonly called – birds’-nest soup. It’s made from the linings of nests which are in turn made from the birds spit. When collected by humans, it can be dissolved in water then made into a soup or a dessert.

Insect Sunday Lunch

Starfish scorpions seahorse skewers
Image credit: Marieke Kuijjer/CC BY-SA 2.0

Instead of raising cattle, sheep and pigs for meat, we can raise insects instead and eat them!  Testing has shown that mealworms and house crickets release far less gas than livestock, when compared pound for pound.  Insects put more of their energy into getting fatter and putting on protein than on making gas, and they have lots of nutritional value.

In China and other Asian countries, people do eat insects, worms, and caterpillars.  Snack bars near the 2008 Olympic stadium in Beijing were offering such things as starfish, sea horses, scorpions, iguana tails, dung beetles, and silk worms on a stick (goat lungs with red peppers anyone?).

Blood Pudding

Blood Pudding
Image credit: Emmanuel Boutet/GFDL.

Throughout the world, various animals’ blood is commonly eaten in the form of Black Pudding or Blood Sausage.  Blood from an animal is cooked with some form of filler such as potato or bread until it is thick. It then cools to become a solid lump which is eaten.


Haggis on a platter
Image credit: Kim Traynor/CC BY-SA 3.0

Haggis the traditional Scottish dish is made from sheep’s liver, lungs, and heart. It is minced with various other ingredients to improve the flavor (it would need to improve!). Then it is put inside the sheep’s own stomach and cooked for a few hours.

Fermented Fish Ketchup

Ketchup Did Not Originally Contain Tomato,it dates back to imperial China and back then, it was made from fermented fish, meat by products and soybeans. In the early 19th century, there were also ketchups made of oysters, mushrooms, walnuts, lemons and peaches. It was only in 1912 that the first recipe for tomato ketchup was introduced and it stuck.

Wasabi Kit Kat

Wasabi Kit Kat Bar
Image credit: brownpau/CC BY 2.0

There Is a Wasabi-Flavored Kit Kat Bar. Kit Kat happens to be one of the most popular candies in Japan, where it comes in many flavors including wasabi, hot chilli, green tea, sweet potato, soybean and soy sauce.

Virgin Boy Eggs

Eggs Soaked In Boys’ Urine Are a Specialty in Dongyang. They are called tongzi dan, virgin eggs or virgin boy eggs and are boiled in urine collected from boys in elementary schools. The shells of the eggs are cracked so the urine seeps in, then the eggs are soaked and boiled again, with the entire process taking a whole day. According to the locals, the eggs ‘taste like spring’.

Some Koreans Eat Live Octopus

The Koreans eat the small octopus while the tentacles are still squirming. The dish is called sannakji, consisting of a small octopus served whole or cut into pieces seasoned with sesame oil. It is a significant choking hazard and has killed several of those who dared to eat it.

Black Ivory Coffee

Black Ivory Coffee
Image credit: goatandtable/CC0

Black ivory coffee is one of the world’s most expensive types of coffee. What makes it so special? It is made from ordinary coffee beans, but these beans are eaten by elephants first and then when they dump it out with the rest of their turd, the beans are picked out and brewed into coffee.

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