dog hates baths

Dog hates baths – so plays dead!

Funny Dog Videos...   Daft dog hates baths and plays dead - that old story. This video is a classic, you may well have already seen it but it's sooooo worth seeing...
baby and rottweiller

Rottweiler entertaining baby

Funny Dog Videos...   This Rottweiler really knows how to keep a baby entertained.
call of the wild

A dog goes all ‘Call of the Wild’

Funny Dog Videos...   Beautiful German Shephard goes all 'Call of the Wild' and joins the howls of the pack.
dog dreams come true

When Dreams Come True

Funny Dog Videos...   Dreams can come true - but - usually only if you work hard at them. However dreams can come true very occasionally when you just hang around on...
dog funnies compilation

Self-appointed ‘World’s Most Funny Dog Video’

Funny Dog Videos...   This is the self-appointed 'World's Most Funny Dog Video' by 521bioapple. It is pretty, darn, tooting funny actually.

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