Link #89: The Earliest Horses Were Equal to Today’s Ducks in Size!

  Link #89: The Earliest Horses Were Equal to Today’s Ducks in Size! In prehistoric times, it seems that the horse species had a very eventful time. In our last post,...
Channel catfish

Link #36: Catfish Have 100,000 Taste Buds!

Link #36: Catfish Have 100,000 Taste Buds! Despite what you may think about your darling pet dog, a dog’s sense of taste is about six times less than that of...

Penguins sneeze to get rid of salt.

  Penguins drink a lot of saltwater, though not intentionally. They just end up swallowing a lot while they are swimming. Too much salt isn't good for their bodies, though,...

Gray wolves do not like the sound of violins.

  For a long time, people thought that gray wolves could be driven off with the sound of stringed instruments and recently, this has been proven. In captivity, when stringed...

Tuataras cannot replace their teeth.

  A tuatara's teeth are connected to its jawbone and when lost, cannot be replaced. As a tuatara gets older, it has to eat softer food like earthworms and slugs.  
African puff adder

The fangs of an African puff adder can pierce through leather.

  African puff adders have such long fangs they are able to kill prey without venom and penetrate even soft leather.  

Crocodiles cannot stick out their tongues.

  Most animals can move their tongues around and even stick them out but crocodiles can't. Their tongues are kept in place by a special membrane at the bottom of...

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