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101 Neil Armstrong Facts

101 Facts – Neil Armstrong

...Space Books 101 Facts... Neil Armstrong Over 101 facts about one of the most incredible people in human history - Neil Armstrong - the man who first stepped on the...
Cleopatra - Biography for Kids

Cleopatra – Biography

...Biography Books     Cleopatra - Biography Book Cleopatra VII Philopator was the last active pharaoh of Egypt. She is a famous historical figure in Western culture and her story has...
Abraham Lincoln for kids

Abraham Lincoln – Biography

Abraham Lincoln - Biography Book . On October 15, 1860 an eleven-year-old girl named Grace Bedell from Westfield, New York, wrote a letter to Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln was running for...
101 Facts Christopher Columbus’ Voyages

Christopher Columbus’ Voyages 101 Facts

...Amazing History Books 101 Facts... Christopher Columbus' Voyages Over 101 amazing facts about the voyages of Christopher Columbus. It contains facts, photos and videos that show us more about Christopher Columbus...
Albert Einstein Kids Biography

Albert Einstein – Just the Facts!

Albert Einstein - the man who transformed our understanding of how the Universe behaves. Over the years, the word Einstein has become synonymous with genius. He saw the world and...
Walt Disney – Just the Facts!

Walt Disney – Just the Facts!

...Biography Books Walt Disney - Just the Facts! One of the most important people in American film history - Walt Disney - the man who created one of the best-loved...
charles darwin biography

Charles Darwin – A Biography

...Biography Books Charles Darwin - Just the Facts! Charles Robert Darwin was an English scientist who published his theories on the origin of many species, including humans. He believed in...
Julius Caesar – Biography Book for Kids

Julius Caesar – Biography

...Biography Books Buy this book from Amazon Now Julius Caesar - Biography Book Julius Caesar was a leader in the Roman Republic. He led the people and the armies as...

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