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Top Predators of the Animal Kingdom

American Alligator

American Alligators

American Alligator... The American Alligator is the largest reptile in North America with males growing averagely 4.6 meters and the females 3 meters. They have a broad head and muscular...

10 Interesting Facts About Bull Sharks!

10 Interesting Facts About Bull Sharks! Some sharks are named for their appearance like the blue shark, the hammerhead shark and the blacktip shark. Others are named for where they...

Golden Eagle Facts!

Golden Eagle Facts! Golden Eagles are featured in the following book: 101 Birds of Prey facts! Golden Eagle Videos The YouTube video below is a collection of 6 videos about Golden Eagles. The...

Top 10 Fun Facts About Tiger Sharks!

  Top 10 Fun Facts About Tiger Sharks! Tiger sharks are found all over the world, from as far north as Japan to as far south as New Zealand, in both...
King Cobra

King Cobra Snake

King Cobra Snake... Where do king cobras live? The King Cobra mainly inhabits thick forest regions of India and Asia. Growing up to an average of 3-4 m in length, it...

Dingo Facts!

Dingo Facts! Dingoes look very similar to domestic dogs. In fact, they are believed to be descended from semi-domesticated dogs that returned to the wild. They are found in Australia...

Nile Crocodiles Facts!

Nile Crocodiles Facts! The Nile Crocodiles are the second largest crocodile species in the world, and the largest species in Africa. Physical Features It controls its own body temperature by entering the...

8 fascinating facts about cheetahs

8 fascinating facts about cheetahs What do you know about cheetahs? These beautiful big cats, found in the African savannah, have become famous for their amazing speed and incredible hunting...

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