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The Fierce Snake / Inland Taipan Facts – Questions and Answers

The Fierce Snake / Inland Taipan Facts! Questions and Answers - Venomous Snakes Of The World! Out of more than 3000 species of snakes in the world, only around 600 are...

Dingo Facts!

Dingo Facts! Dingoes look very similar to domestic dogs. In fact, they are believed to be descended from semi-domesticated dogs that returned to the wild. They are found in Australia...

Top 10 Fun Facts About Tiger Sharks!

  Top 10 Fun Facts About Tiger Sharks! Tiger sharks are found all over the world, from as far north as Japan to as far south as New Zealand, in both...

10 Interesting Facts About Bull Sharks!

10 Interesting Facts About Bull Sharks! Some sharks are named for their appearance like the blue shark, the hammerhead shark and the blacktip shark. Others are named for where they...

Harpy Eagle Facts!

Harpy Eagle Facts!   Harpy Eagles are featured in the following books: 25 Amazon Rainforest Animals 25 Top Predators in the World 101 Birds of Prey facts! The YouTube video playlist below contains videos about...

Top 10 Interesting Anaconda Facts

Top 10 Interesting Anaconda Facts ... Lurking in the water with only its eyes and nostrils above the surface, the green anaconda patiently waits for an animal to make the...
Image credit: David cc2.0

101 Facts – Bears!

...Amazing Animal Books 101 Facts... Bears! Over 101 cool facts about these beautiful, cuddly but deadly animals. It contains facts, stunning photos and awesome videos that show us much more about these...
The Super Sharp Orange Eyes of Owl by GollyGforce cc2.0

101 Facts… Owls

101 Facts Owls ! Amazing Animal Books     Over 101 amazing facts about these cute but deadly animals. For video footage... Barn Owls Burrowing Owls Eagle Owls Elf Owls Fish Owls Pygmy Owls ...

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